5 Red Flags in Dating

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Everyone has their own red flags, some things are obvious and some things, well, they’re not so obvious and are more particular. Have you ever looked a potential suitor and thought “Uh oh! The red flags are already starting to pop up”? It happens to the best of us.  Sometimes the red flags are really just a shade of pink. Either way, beware of the flags and trust your instinct.  Or, if your instinct is not that great… Let me share my personal top 5 red flags that I consider when meeting and seeing a potential suitor:

My top five red flags in dating:

1) If he has a cat – I walk away.

If he has 2 cats – I run away. If he has 2 cats and sleeps with them –  I speed dial UBER, like now.

dating red flags

2) Texting, E-mail & Conversations

If he can’t be bothered to use full words with proper spelling and grammar… don’t waste your time. Your English teachers would agree. dating red flags

3) If he says he is ‘on a break’

Reference the FRIENDS episode. Unless that ‘break’ is ‘broken-up’ move along! Don’t get involved with someone else’s drama.

4) There isn’t a single bottle of wine to be seen

…go back home to your own bottle of wine and fill up that glass. If he is over 30, he should have graduated onto something more than PBR and plastic bottles of Skol.

dating red flags

5) You get the ‘creepy, bro-tastic’ gut feeling…

Just. Keep. Looking. Don’t even bother with the “bros”.

dating red flags

What other red flags have you discovered?

Share them with us!

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  • Katie Boggs

    Ok, a recent red flag I’ve identified is guys who sneer at public transportation. it seems nitpicky and yes, I get it, riding the bus or the train isn’t the funnest part of my day. But if you feel that public transportation is ‘below’ you, then you and I are probably not going to work out. I’ve had two guys express their refusal to ride public transit and I didn’t like their “better than others” sentiment or the extravagant way they spent money. (one guy takes an uber to work every day.)

    • Gina

      Yea, it’s never fun when you’re with someone who will go out of their way to avoid the CTA. I definitely see this as a red flag as well.

    • laura_404

      Oh Katie! 🙂

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