What’s in Your OKCupid Inbox: Gina

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I started to notice that I hadn’t gotten any messages in my OKCupid inbox in a while, and then I remembered that I set filters. I had a minute to actually sit down and check the filtered inbox (which apparently you can’t do on the mobile app). Needless to say, I wasn’t missing much and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. So I thought I’d share a few of the better ones.


Awesome, so you made it to the very end of the profile before something caught your eye? It must be true love, because I like an Anime show from ten years ago.


Okay… I admit, I have been blessed with a nice rack but in no way – shape or form – is this EVER appropriate. Unless you want to piss me off, why on earth would anyone think that something like this is ok? That was followed up with this;


Normally I ignore these kinds of messages (because yes, there are many) but he just caught me on a bad day and I told him how disrespectful he was and that he needed to grow up. Apparently that didn’t phase him since he asked for my number anyway. I’m going to jump at the chance at going out with this guy! And hey, if this makes me a prude then I feel sorry for him… because I’m definitely not prude. 😉


A simple “Hi, how are you?” would be better than faking that you’re not interested. What is this, grade school?


Babe girl, did you mean “baby girl” or just “babe”? Nothing is ever good with “what’s good” although I do give him credit for the apostrophe, only to immediately be disappointed. My sexy, you want to fuck my sexy?!


Don’t believe this for a second, but I may just be jaded towards this whole online dating thing now. So what, I happened to be your first match and you thought it’d be a good idea to ask me rather than idk, look it up? There’s always a Q&A or “how to” guide in any of these platforms, isn’t there? Even if this were true, it’s a bad way to go about it.


This gent actually got a laugh out of me, I haven’t heard anyone say this in a really long time so I went with it. Unfortunately it didn’t go anywhere.

And now; How NOT to say it.


Head;Desk There were no words for this, and definitely no follow-up. I’m pretty sure he meant to say “lick”, but either way.. fucking gross.



This one… oooh this one. First, I’m not your sweetIE (or babe, baby, ma, wtfever). Secondly, even if I were sweet and submissive why would I tell you that right off the bat? WHERE IS THE MYSTERY? No Sir, you may not have my number. Yet another attractive guy getting skeezy.

I should make a note to check that “filtered” folder more often.

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