How To Blow His Mind With Sexy Voice Messages

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Ladies: No matter who you are or what you look like, I promise that you have the power to learn how to seduce any man.

One of my favorite seduction tricks? Using the purr of your sexy voice to leave a sexy voice message for your boyfriend or husband. Although let’s be real: sometimes that’s easier said than done!

Remember that if you really want to wow him with a sexy voicemail, you need to be prepared. I’ve compiled a list of my secret tricks that will make you a pro at seducing any man through sexy voicemails!

How to blow his mind with sexy voice messages

1. Position

No, not that type of position. Put yourself in a comfortable position so you can attractively project your voice (usually standing up is best).

2. Preparation

Think about what you want to say in your sexy voice message ahead of time, but don’t write it down and read it. Trust me, he will be able to tell if you’re reading from a piece of paper!

3. Filler Words

This tip is pretty simple: avoid 15,000 “um’s” or “like’s.”

4. Length

Unless you are über confident in your story telling abilities, it’s best to keep your sexy voice messages short and sweet.

5. Openness

The whole idea here is to show a little vulnerability, along with your 5-star personality, and let the real you – the sexy you – shine through.

6. Focus

While it is easy to just start chatting away about life in general, and venture down a variety of roads, don’t do it! Instead, try to stick to just one topic. Like how you can’t wait to… well, you know.

7. Unpredictable

Planning on leaving more sexy voice messages in the future? Mix up your messages between sweet, sexy and funny. Don’t be predictable! Be innocent and coy one time, and more in-your-face with the next voice note.

8. Don’t Go Crazy

Just because it’s voice messaging and not text messaging doesn’t mean that you can go wild. The same texting rules for dating apply: don’t send him more than one message for every message he sends you.

9. Golden Rule

If you are at a loss for ideas, take a minute to think of what you would like to hear streaming out of your own phone. While you’re at it, also reflect on what would make you hit mute or delete (hint: anything negative).

10. Play with Words

One of the sexiest cards you can play in the game of seduction is to insinuate things – be slightly ambiguous. Use hidden meanings and leave your partner wondering if you were being flirty, or if they were the one with a dirty mind. (This is a trick I use during my favorite flirty texting game — one that I love playing with men I’m dating!)

11. Positive Vibes

Radiate positive energy and plant sexy ideas in their mind for mutually pleasurable future activities. For example: “I know you’ll be a great lover,” or “Dreaming about one of your famous full body massages.”

 12. Vocabulary

Have you ever noticed that when you spend a significant amount of time with someone you start speaking like him or her? If you’ve known your partner for a while, use their expressions; it will grab their attention.

13. Fantasy Land

While leaving a random voice or sending a text message saying you miss him is a very sweet gesture, it is also nice (and very seductive) to talk about fantasies. Make it your goal to treat him or her to a well-deserved vacation from their everyday life.

14. Compliment

When done right, flattery will get you everything (even with voice messages). Just be sure to compliment your partner using specific details; otherwise your compliment will come across as phony.

One final reminder: before you open your mouth, keep in mind that a deep voice is considered extremely sexy by most people, so leave the high-pitched squealing for children’s story telling.

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