The Secret Lives of Chicago Singles

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The best online relationships any of us found were with each other.

All different ages, backgrounds, and secrets, our common passions are Twitter and the frustrating dating scene of the Windy City. Oh, and wine. We realized we loved that, too. After a night of 10-dollar flights at Bin36 and hilarious/terrifying dating stories, we decided to do what everyone in our generation does… blog about it.

Brittany, Brandy, Laura, Nick, Chloe, Lisa, Gina. Our lives are single, Chicago… and no longer secret.



So, the question was posed – why did you want to do Secret Lives of Chicago Singles?

Lisa: “To force myself to date. Otherwise I will die alone with my cats.”
Gina: “Ditto ^.”
Brittany: “To push myself back into dating after a long-term relationship. Aaaand I love blogging.”
Nycole: “To get the opinions of other singles so I know I’m not the only one going through the horror stories of dating.”
Brandy: “I’m too drunk.”
Laura: “Me too.”
Nick: “To meet a guy who’s opening line isn’t a dick pic.”
Chloe: “Wait. This is a singles blog?”


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