No, It’s NOT O.K. To Send A Dick Pic Without Permission

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Well, it finally happened. Although this is not a proud moment or something I’d generally boast about, not an achievement that I’m proud of, here it is: someone has finally sent me a dick pic. There are reasons why you should never send a dick pic, serious reasons.

I’ve been on the internet since I was about ten years old, and up until this fateful day I had never been sent an unsolicited dick pic (THAT, I am proud of). I should be grateful that the gent actually asked before sending it over. Unfortunately, he proceeded to send it, despite me saying no, repeatedly.

I guess I happened to catch him as he was, ahem, “re-evaluating” the pictures on my online dating profile – which, I should add, are in no way risqué! I’m not handing out softcore pictures to just anyone.  I’m pretty cautious about what I send to someone I DO NOT KNOW, as I’ve heard one too many stories about how these kinds of things “magically” end up in someone else’s hands. The last thing I need is to end up on some amateur porn site – unless of course I do and I end up making a ton of money somehow (I kid, I kid!) But let’s face it, that’s not likely to happen… to me, anyway.

So… wondering how I ended up in the possession of ‘spank mail’? This is how it all went down:

(8:32:12 PM)

RA – hi

RA – looking at your pics haha

Me – UH oh…

RA – those curves are so perfect for me

RA – pics dont normally turn me on either haha

RA – kinda weird

Me – I’m sorry?

RA – wanna see what you made?

Me – Honestly, no I think I’ll pass.

RA – its just a pic

RA – just wanna share the warm feelings in some way

Me – It’s really ok.

RA – c’mon

RA – like i said this is rare

RA – i’ll put a tie on to keep it classy

I said no, again. And ended up walking away to take a call from my brother. In the meantime…

RA – Sent

Sidenote: My brother likes to talk, so we were probably on the phone for about an hour (if not more). When I finally got around to seeing his last message, THIS was my reaction…


Me – DUDE, not cool.

As you can guess, he sent it. THE DICK PIC. I said no – I didn’t tiptoe around saying no! I literally said NO. And yet there it was in my inbox. I didn’t open the picture, but I could see a small preview (thanks Gmail!) and he had indeed put a tie on it. I found myself laughing at that, but could not believe he’d actually taken the time to tie his tie and take a picture and send it to me.

To his credit, at least he wasn’t disappointing by any means, but that is besides point. WHO DOES THAT? AND HOW IS THAT OK?!

It should be noted that I left the text just as he’d written them. Can I just say – it irks me. I know that my writing and grammar are not perfect, but I make an effort to at least try to figure it out so that everything makes sense. The fact that most people seem not to care “because it’s the internet, relax” really ticks me off. How do you really know who you’re talking to, or what they may offer you down the line?! If all I have to go by is written word then I want that person to think that I’m at least a LITTLE bit intelligent, even if what I’m SAYING isn’t. (^_~)

It should also be noted that I’m not dumb. I’m aware that SOME people browse the internet and do the unmentionable while looking at pictures. And honestly, in different context I would have found it flattering. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know that another person finds them attractive?

Just… don’t tell me about it when we don’t have any kind of relationship. I’d just started talking to the guy the night before! I’m not going to tell someone I just met about the sex dream I had about him unless I know that we’re both comfortable with it. If I know you well enough, you bet that you’ll be hearing about that dream – mostly because any time I do have a sex dream about a friend it’s really bizarre. We’ll laugh about it and then move on with our lives. No harm done!

My friends and I always make jokes about dick pics… but again, I’ve never personally received one until now. I cringe at the thought that this could happen again. I’m not a prude or anything (obviously) I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of pictures being exchanged. The human body (male included) is an amazing thing to look at, but I’d rather do it in person vs. through the exchange of pictures. Pictures don’t do things justice… unless, of course, you’re just that amazing and have a professional studio in your bedroom. But, I think I’d question that. Yeah, pretty sure I would. So dudes (and ladies)…

  1. If you’re talking to someone, feel them out a bit before offering them some spank mail
  2. ASK before you send over any nude pictures
  3. If the recipient says NO, then s/he means no.

If you want to show your privates that badly, then ask him/her out and maybe you’ll get to whip it out… consensual. Otherwise you should never send a dick pic unless specifically asked for it.

Besides, wouldn’t you much rather have the person right there in front of you? I know I would.

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