Ask DU: Are Expensive First Dates a Bad Idea? You Decide!

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Are Expensive First Dates a Bad Idea?

For this round of Ask DU, we’re crowdsourcing advice! Check out this reader’s dilemma (are expensive first dates a bad idea), and post your opinion in the comments section!

Dear DU,

A guy I met on Tinder just asked me out on a first date. The problem? He suggested a very nice restaurant – like, the kind I would reserve for very special occasions. While this was very sweet of him, I feel like there’s a lot of pressure going to such a nice place when we’ve never met before. We definitely have things in common and he has been sweet, but I can’t tell if there’s going to be any chemistry in person – and if we don’t hit it off, I’d feel guilty.

Is there a non-rude way to suggest an alternate choice, or should I just take him up on his offer?


What do you think she should do? Do you think expensive first dates are a bad idea? Share your opinion in the comments section! 

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