8 Signs You’re Just Not That Into Him

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You know when you like someone. You should know when you don’t. Learn the 8 signs you’re just not that into him.

The butterflies.  The nervousness. The excitement. The imaginary wedding scenario.

Typical signs of at least some interest in your potential date.  Most women are all about ‘giving guys a chance’ simply for a date.  Me. yah, I can count on 2 hands how many dates I’ve been on.  And I am completely OK, and proud of that.  Why? Because I don’t want to waste his time, nor mine.  Throughout the years of my dateless-ness, I’ve uncovered 8 signs you’re just not that into him:

1. Physical attractiveness

This is a biggie for me.  I have to be instantly attracted to him. Yes, there are varying levels of ‘holy moly he is hottttt’ and then there’s the ‘oh, he is somewhat attractive’ (and personality via electronic communication can make or break it). If there is not even a smither of a chance that I am attracted to him, I am just not that into him.

2. Texting 

I love texting.  See above – if I’m attracted to him, I want to text him all. the. time. I respond immediately.  If I’m just not feeling it…the texts go unanswered, or I have short and blah texts, or I literally roll my eyes when I get a message…  I am just not that into him. 



3. Spontaneity 

I am NOT spontaneous. I pretty much put that right out there immediately.  If a guy asks me to do something last minute…not cool.  It’s almost a turn off.  Unless of course I am attracted to him, he’s captured my attention via text and I already have on a cute outfit (see #4). Should I make the most lame excuse to avoid the spontaneous meet up, I am just not that into him.

4. Fashion 

If I don’t care what I have on, I’m just not that into him.  I adore clothes and choosing appropriate outfits for the occasion to impress the new man/dude/guy.  If I have on flats and glasses, you can file him under ‘friend’ because I am just not that into him.


5. Friends 

I think I’m a relatively open person, yet very private about my dating (or not dating life). If I don’t want to mention the possibility, or completely forget or ignore my friends’ inquisitions, I am just not that into him.

6. Daydreams 

I can’t even tell you how many daydreams of mine could be turned into Lifetime movies.  I have an active imagination (and ability to multitask at work).  If I don’t plan out any scenario with him (such as daydreaming of french fries, alone), I am just not that into him.

7. Other

When I like someone, I like only ONE. I can’t spread my awesomeness across many guys.  How women date more than one dude at a time, props to you.  I go big or go home (alone). If there are other dudes capturing my attention or I am daydreaming of someone else…I am just not that into him. 

8. Instincts

I like to trust my gut.  When I think I’m just not that into him, more than likely I am just not that into him.

So ladies, when ‘courting’ a new man, remember the 8 signs you’re just not that into him.

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