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The above image has nothing to do with this post, yet everything to do with this post. The commonality: a WTF? The setting: crazy dating stories.

Let me explain.

It’s highly likely that you might date a person with the same name as an ex when that person has a common name like Sarah, John or say, Joe. It’s highly unlikely, however, that you’d date someone with the same birthday as your ex.

What’s even more highly unlikely (but still possible, apparently) is that you’d date someone with the same name AND birthday as your ex in the same town.

Let me introduce you to the law of probability. Hi. “Are you there God, it’s me, single gal in Chicago who dates men with the same name and birthday in the same town…”

“What are the odds that recent (let’s call him Scott) has the same birthday as old Scott?” I texted my mother upon making the connection.

Her response, “1 in A LOT.”

Great, I’m a fucking unicorn.

If this would happen to anyone, it’s fitting that it would happen to me.  I have my dating stories, many of which include tracking down marriage records from the not-divorced, divorcee and getting stood up by someone on a  “second chance” because he was in jail for a DUI only to have this happen on the same night. (There’s a special place in the world where a girl gets stood up and jacks up her new car). Then there’s me finding my sailor and going to Belize with him for a “getaway” only to be broken up with him a week after and then getting a nice “relationship status update” come across my Facebook. And, let’s not forget this epic one that tops all dating stories of yet. I’m immune to shock value. I laugh in the face of awkward. I eat rejection for breakfast with a side of hot sauce and shit it out later with a coffee laxative. Call me Special, Special K.

So when something as random like this occurs, my response tends to be straight laughter. My life if full of amazing left turns, and just like I don’t do DIY projects by following the instructions, nor do I follow recipes, nothing about my dating life or me seems to be conventional.

And in all honestly I’m okay with that. It’s entertaining. It keeps me on my toes.

So, in honor of the epic, happens to 1 in A LOT occasion, I poured myself a glass of wine, made a nice dinner,  and revisited Kristen Wiig in one of my favorite scenes of all time to redeem myself. Weirder things have happened and I’m sure they will continue to.


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