This Is What Happens When A Tinder Ghoster Comes Back From The Dead

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There seems to be a trending theme in the last weeks. Is Ghosting really that popular? If so WHY? Have we really lost that much respect for others that we’d rather just run and ignore the situation?


That being said, let me introduce you to Jake, I met Jake on Tinder over a year ago. It started out nice, we exchanged a few messages at first and then moved to texts. He lived close by so I thought it was great. One day he asked me if I’d like to meet him for a drink so I said “Ok!”

Jake was younger, but he seemed to have everything in order, so the age didn’t really bother me much. We exchanged a few date ideas and then decided on a date and a time, but the place was still to be determined.

The day of, I sent him a text before leaving work just to confirm our plans, and guess what…. He never responded. I never heard from Jake after that.

Until now

I’m not really one to delete phone numbers from my phone, I kid you not any time I have removed someone they end up texting me almost immediately. It’s like they sensed that I’d moved on and wanted to remind me that we used to date/be friends/had some kind of relationship. So, I don’t delete people from my phone. Somewhere along the line I decided it was time to clean out my contact list and ended up purging phone of all the numbers that led to dead ends, Jake’s included, and then I received the text.

dating protip

“How you been”?

You mean ‘How have you been’?

The number looked familiar when it first came up on my phone but I hate to guess so I’m just going to come out and ask who the hell you are when you’re texting me late at night. I probably shouldn’t have even responded considering the time of night but the blinking light coming from my phone will keep me up and the thought of not answering someone irks me. (This is also to say that I am annoyed when people don’t respond to me right away – I know you’re on Twitter or Facebook – I can see you!)

I ended up falling asleep before he responded so I, in turn, didn’t respond until the next morning. Now, I’ve been around a while and am no newb to the games that guys play (or people in general because I know girls play them as well, don’t worry), and at this point in my life I’m kind of over it.

So again, I just came right out and asked, because I just don’t care anymore.

dating protip

He moved. He MOVED?? Did he move the day that we were supposed to go on our date or did he move after? If he moved for work wouldn’t he have known in advance that he was moving, and if so why bother making plans with a girl? Although I guess I shouldn’t say that, I did meet one gent once who knew he was moving within the next few days but said that he liked the conversation and thought I deserved at least one meeting. “It’s a shame that I’m leaving because this could totally work” Yes, it was a shame, because he was cute to boot, but that’s how the cookies crumble my friends.

So he moved

But wait, it gets better! So not only does he not own up to the fact that he bailed on our FIRST date, he goes on to ask me if my company is hiring. I know that now a days it’s all about who you know and what connections you have but… really? You’d ask a girl who you couldn’t take the time to meet once.

dating protip

and the icing on the cake, because guys just can’t let things go… and love to make false promises…

dating protip

So Guys (and Girls), here’s a dating protip if you’re planning on bailing unexpectedly you may as well just delete their phone number from your phone. Because it’s not at all cool to come back weeks, months or years later and A) Hit that person up as if nothing happened and B) Hit that person up for a job.

Have you ever had someone come back after a while with something ridiculous? How did you handle it?


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