12 Reasons Why ‘The Good Ol’ Days’ Were The Best

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Remember life before jobs, relationships, and Facebook? Yeah, the ‘good ol’ days’ have come and gone, and while great days may lie ahead, those days gone by were something iconic. Calming yet exhilarating about life back then. Reminisce with these 12 reasons why ‘the good ol’ days’ were the best:

1) Dial-up Internet

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve come a long way since this:

…and frankly our jobs rely on it, but there was something about the wait. The thrill. The sound of dial-up Internet.

2) Land lines

No more avoiding calls, texts, etc… because you never knew who was trying to contact you! The excitement! The mystery!

3) Tight roll jeans

good ol days

Zach Morris made those tight role jeans THE fashion statement – for both guys and gals. Think about it, tight roll jeans were fashionable and functional. Let’s bring ’em back.


Family Matters. Full House. Step by Step. Those were the shows worth staying in on Friday night for.

5) Mixed tapes

good ol days

There’s no better way to profess your love than with a mix tape.

6) John Hughes

Any movie he made just oozed of cool. Without special effects.

7) Nintendo

Reppin’ the good ole days! #gameboy #yoshi

Who can deny that Nintendo was basically the first Wii?  No one, NO ONE could sit still during duck hunt.  And Gameboy?  Talk about perfecting eye-hand coordination.

8) Air Travel

Back when air travel was almost a mere luxury (than a necessity) people actually looked forward to going to the airport and being on the plane.

9) Toys


Slip n’ slide. Skip-It. Hula Hoops, and any toy that we actually had to use outside. Fun and active. Yes. And who can forget Tamagotchi?

10) Snacks

M&Ms without blue ones. 3D Doritos. Or any of these extinct food products.

11) Banana Clips and Scrunchies

good ol days

The fashionable and functional hair accessories. Plastic t-shirt rings. Scrunch socks — because nothing solidified your “cool” status like layering scrunch socks.

12) Libraries

When you actually had to go somewhere to reference books to finish a term paper. And the place to be seen (and heard…only to be shushed by the librarian). The “place with books” was cooler than Facebook.

What else reminds you of the good ol’ days?

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