5 Reasons for Dating a Divorcee

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Dating a divorcee usually conjures up lots of hems and haws from your Sunday brunch table. The word ‘divorce’ used to be a bad word, the Scarlet Red Letter of dating. It equates to failure in our culture and leaves you wondering if you got stuck with the bad side of that equation, imagining a “crazy ex-wife” (who in actuality might really just be more normal than you) or a “controlling ex-husband” who might have been a really good man with the wrong woman. (And sidenote: why are women always crazy and men always controlling?)

But that was in our 20s when we didn’t know crap about relationships and life. Love can wain, some people are not meant to be married, things change. Next time you are hitting the dating world, consider the advantages of dating a divorcee.

1)  They Know What They Want

People who have already been married most likely know exactly what they are looking for, who they are and what they will put up with. They’ve already played house and it didn’t work out. The next time around, they are not looking through rose-colored glasses.




2)  They Can Communicate Very Well

This ain’t their first rodeo with navigating one of the hardest relationship variables — communication — and they’ve had practice, lots of it. You’ll be surprised that you expressing how you feel, what you want and what you need doesn’t send them off. In fact, they might love you more for it.



3)  They Probably Don’t Play Games

Revisit #1. They know what they want, and people who know what they want aren’t afraid to be asked questions.



4) Your Body is Their Wonderland

Many marriages that end are usually preceded by a flagging sex life. Translation = they are pent up and ready to have some good, old-fashioned fun. Just enjoy the ride.



5) You Will Always Be Better Than the Last One

Unless it was a mutual and happy divorce without resentment and hatred, you will likely the best thing to happen to them in a long time.





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