Why You Should Try The World [Review]

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I’ve been having some issues sleeping at night, so I’ve found myself on the computer working or browsing the deep recesses of the internet in order to appease my racing mind.

A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad for something called Try The World, it looked interesting so I decided to check it out. Try The World is a subscription box, and you know how much I love subscription boxes, but this one is for food. Every other month a country is chosen and Try The World works with a chef from that country to send you 6-7 food products.

Let’s get Adventurous

First of all, I love that it comes every other month, that’s just enough time to read the booklet that is included and to actually use the products. A lot of subscriptions can be monthly and either send you a ton of food or barely any to make it worth it. I don’t think there’s much good in stock piling food that you may not even like. At least this way you have time to figure out what’s good and what isn’t.

First stop: Paris, France

As a gift for signing up I was able to get my first box free, and signing up was super simple. There’s no test or exam to determine what your travel style is or anything like that, so easy peasy! Not long after signing up I received an email letting me know that my Paris box had been shipped, and provided tracking information. Which was nice, as I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a heads up on delivery before, with other subscriptions it just kind of appears.

First #trytheworld box! #paris

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The booklet that is included is full of information on both the items in your box and interesting information on the country (or in this case city) that your box originates from . Try the World also gives you recipes using the items that you received. The eye catcher for me was steak tartare. I’ve always wondered about that, is it as good as they make it out to be?

Oh, and there’s another note card in your box that has information on the products you received. No need to struggle with reading labels in a language that you can’t speak, unless of course you want to or need the practice!

Try The World

Try The World

Paris was good to me, as you can see in the photo above. I haven’t tasted everything just yet but I haven’t been disappointed yet. You can bet that I ate the sable cookies right up, seriously, I think I have a problem in how fast I ate them. It made me realize that I need to actually stock food in my place.

The lowdown

There are three options when you sign up, depending on how much you want to pay in one lump sum. Obviously it’s more cost effective to pay for an annual subscription but when the dollas aren’t that free flowing doing it bi-monthly isn’t that bad either. Like I said, you get a good chunk of stuff, so you’re not paying for samples. I thought it was reasonable since it’s bi-monthly, I think I may reconsider my commitment if they moved this into a monthly subscription. Better start putting aside money just in case I end up paying that one time fee!

Try the world subscription options


Next Stop: Japan

Not long after I received the Paris box I received another email giving me a heads up on the status of my next box. Apparently one of the items that was included had issues in customs so it had to be replaced. It makes me kind of sad to know that whatever it was won’t be included… because now I’m curious! But I do like that Try the World communicates these things with their subscribers. Needless to say I am definitely looking forward to the next box, which should be here next week! It’s Japan, so who knows what they’ll put in the box, hopefully they’ll included some diy gummy candy.

Try the world


So would I recommend Try The World? Heck yes I would, if only to try new and different foods because there is SO much to see and try in the world that we shouldn’t confine ourselves to the land that we were born on.

Go! Travel! See and Try The World. (^_~)

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