24 Things We Miss From The 90’s

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We’ll always have a special place in our heart for the 90’s. Although our favorite era may have come to an end over two decades ago, we still find ourselves pining for these 24 things we miss from the 90’s.

1. 90’s teen magazines

90s teen magazines
There was nothing more exciting than opening your mailbox and seeing the latest YM, Sassy, Teen or Seventeen.

90s magazine ads seventeen

Even checking out the ads was fun!

2. dELiA*s Catalog

delia's catalog 90s alloy
Shopping online may be easier, but girls these days will *never* experience the joy of poring over a Delia’s catalog and wishing you could afford everything… or, well, anything.

3. Jordan Catalano

There’s something about Jordan Catalano and the way he… leans. Sigh.

jordan catalano leans great

4. Mix tapes 

90s mix tape

Making the perfect mix tape was an art form. Receiving one meant someone liked you enough to spend hours waiting for the right songs to come onto the radio. *Swoon*

5. AIM

aim away message 90s
Ah, the good old days when it was possible to convey so much *~eMoTiOn~* with a simple away message and when you were too innocent to realize that your 14 year old “internet boyfriend” from Daytona Beach was actually a middle-aged predator.

6. Lip Smackers

lip smackers 90s

Your favorite flavor said a lot about you. Dr. Pepper? So basic!

7. Oregon Trail

Oregon trail original
Dying of dysentery was basically the most exciting thing that could ever happen during a school day in the ’90s.


mash game 90s
According to MASH, I should totally living with Brad Renfro and our three kids in a mansion in Paris, driving a pink corvette, and working as a veterinarian right now. *DrEaM LiFe*

9. Trapper Keepers 

trapper keeper lisa frank
Filled with Lisa Frank folders and notebooks, of course!

10. Tamagotchi

Hey, remember when your biggest responsibility in life was keeping a digital pet alive? Also, would it be weird for someone in their 30s to buy a Tamagotchi on Amazon? 🤔 Asking for a friend, obviously.

11. Slap bracelets

How great would it be to be able to smack a slap bracelet everytime your stupid coworker annoys you?

12. Roller skating parties

90s skating rink party
Can we make it socially acceptable to start having birthday parties at skating rinks again? They’re way more fun than parties at clubs.

13. Passing notes


Remember when folding notes was an art form? These days, we can barely be bothered to return a text, much less write a letter. L.Y.L.A.S. B.F.F.A.E!!

14. Pagers

90s pager clueless
It took ages to convince your mom that pagers aren’t only for drug dealers. Picking the perfect pager code and coolest case were big life decisions. 143!

15. Hair wraps and friendship bracelets

hair wraps and friendship bracelets 90s
The 90’s were an exciting time for embroidery thread manufacturers everywhere.

16. 90’s scents

90s perfume

While you won’t see us spraying one of those old school Gap scents on us before heading off to work, we do sort of wish we could get our hands on some for smell ja vu purposes. Fun fact: Gap Grass is currently going for $125+ on eBay.

17. Book It

book it buttons 90s

If we still got free pizza for reading books, well… I’d have a lot of free pizzas. Can we make this happen??

18. Young Leonardo DiCaprio 

romeo 90s

Remember when young, mostly-innocent Leonardo DiCaprio made us swoon in Romeo and Juliet and Titanic? Unfortunately, the older he gets, the closer he begins to veer towards greasy Jack Nicholson territory. *sobs*

19. 90’s supermodels 

90s supermodels

Remember when models had some semblance of curves, looked glam and seemed like people you’d actually want to be friends with? Also: we still want to be Cindy Crawford when we grow up.

20. 90’s music videos


90’s music videos are filled with an abundance of hideous color-coordinated outfits, fish-eye lenses and coordinated dance routines. So ridiculous, yet so, so good.

21. T.G.I.F.


Almost every single one of our favorite 90’s TV shows was on ABC’s TGIF lineup, particularly Full House, Boy Meets World and Family Matters.

22. Landline phones


Sure, cell phones are great – but it was way easier to screen calls in the 90’s. That whole “I haven’t been home much lately!” excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. Now, we’re forced to be connected 24/7, whether we like it or not.

Remember when this scene from Clueless was funny and not, like, normal?


23. Sweet Valley High


Although we firmly believe that Sweet Valley High totally ruined our lives, we still hold a special place in our hearts for Jessica and Elizabeth’s antics.

24. 90’s fashion


KIDDING! In the words of Cher Horowitz: Ugh, as if!
2021 Update: does anyone else find the resurgence of 90s fashion incredibly confusing?

What do YOU miss from the 90’s? Tell us in the comments section – we may add it to the list!

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