Are You Holding Yourself Back?

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In a recent interview, I was asked, “If you could change one thing about parenting, what would it be?”

My response? The one thing I would give parents as a piece of advice is every single day, tell your child, ‘I am so grateful you are here. You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are phenomenal, you are a gift and you are changing our world.’

Can you imagine what our world would be like if everyone on the planet was told this every single day? I wonder what that would create. What change that would bring? What about you? Has anyone ever acknowledged the gift of you? Has anyone ever said, “Thank you! Thank you for being here. Thank you for the beautiful, amazing, phenomenal gift that YOU are.” You are here to create something greater on the planet. And you being you is all that it takes.

You may have never heard these words before today, but I am saying them to you now. You ARE a gift. You ARE a contribution to the world far greater than you know. And this is the invitation for you to step up and to acknowledge the gift of you. What if now’s the time?

What if YOU are the change the world requires? What if you being you could change anything and everything in your life? Would you be willing to no longer make yourself small? Would you be willing to no longer hold yourself back?

If that’s a yes, or even a maybe, here are some dynamic tools that you can use to unlock the gift of you:

1. Make the Demand that YOU Show Up

When we don’t acknowledge the gift that we are, when we pretend that we are not a contribution to everyone around us, we make ourselves small. We cut ourselves off. Making the demand that YOU show up is saying to the Universe, “That’s it. I am choosing to be here! I am demanding that I come out of hiding and show up as the brilliance and greatness of me.”

As you begin to show up, you come out of the judgment of you. You stop seeing yourself as wrong all the time. You begin to see the possibilities that are available. You awaken to the wonder and beauty of being alive. Everything looks different.

2. Choose the Life that Works for You

We’ve been told our entire lives that if we do what’s fun for us or what actually works for us that we are going to be selfish and arrogant. The opposite is actually true. When we choose what works for us, when we are at our greatest, we include everyone and everything.

What would you like your life to be like? What would you like to have as your reality? What would be fun for you? Choice is one of the most powerful things on earth. When you recognize that you have a choice and start using it, you can change anything.

When you don’t acknowledge that you have a choice, you live your life on autopilot. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever others say you should or shouldn’t do, you follow along. You can start to choose today and change whatever you would like to change!

If you’re a little rusty on actively choosing, here’s a great tool. Choose in 10-second increments. Here’s how it works: You have 10 seconds to live your life. What do you choose? Ok, that 10 seconds is over, now what do you choose? Every 10 seconds. Choose something else.

Living in ten-second increments is how you learn to choose. If you only choose for ten seconds, you can’t really make a mistake. If something doesn’t work for you, you can just choose again. Choosing in ten-second increments eliminates judgment. If you truly get that you can choose something else ten seconds from now, why would you judge that choice?

You’d just move on to something else.

If you’re not sure what the life that works for you will look like, then choose in 10-second increments. Every choice you make will give you more awareness to start creating the life you would truly like to have.

3. Know that YOU Know

As kids, we are taught to think. We aren’t taught that we have this thing called awareness or knowing. Knowing is faster than thinking. Knowing goes beyond the thinking of your cognitive mind. Can your thinking ever give you inspiration or ideas that you haven’t heard somewhere before? No. Can your knowing? Oh yes!

Would you be willing to acknowledge the gift of your awareness and recognize that you know things? To access your knowing, you can ask, “What do I know about what’s possible that I’ve never considered before? And, what choice do I have available that I’ve never considered before?”

When you ask these questions, don’t look for an answer. Ask the question. Move on. All of a sudden you will notice your world opens up. Things around you start to open up. New possibilities, new inspiration is all around you. When you ask questions like these, you come out of the judgment and conclusions you have about you, about life, about how things are and now you have the capacity to choose.

And, did I mention, the choice can change ANYTHING?

If you are ready to stop holding yourself back, use these tools and create a new reality!

What if YOU are the change the world requires? Are you ready to make the demand that you show up? Are you ready to no longer hold yourself back? Are you ready to choose for you, no matter what? No matter who likes it? No matter who gets it?

Your choice to have and be the totality of you is a gift and a contribution to all of us. Will you choose you?



Dr. Dain Heer is an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness and change. Co-creator of Access Consciousness, Dr. Heer invites people to embrace their true greatness—people from every culture, country, age and social strata of society. A guest on hundreds of nationally syndicated radio and TV shows including Fox News and Gaiam TV, Dr. Heer also hosts a regular radio show called Conversations in Consciousness. Follow @dr_dainheer.

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