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Born and raised in Illinois, I’ve hopped from one small town to the next…until I decided that wouldn’t life be better in Asia?! I lived in Hong Kong for two years making the best friends a girl could ask for, drinking entirely way too many cosmos, traveling all throughout Southeast Asia, and foraging the dating scene the best I could in a city full of men in suits, tourists, and guys who don’t speak English. After my foray overseas, I decided that another big city was in order, so back to Illinois I came calling Chicago my home. I’m a Logan Square girl through and through, though I do enjoy a tipple in just about any place that can get me glass of Pinot Grigio or vodka/coke (where are all the good cosmos in this city?!).

I moved to Chicago as a single lady and that I have remained. I’ve explored every free dating site known to man, begged friends to set me up, and flirted my long lashes at men across the bar for nearly two years. Yup, still single.  And still writing about it. Check out my Chicago blog or my Hong Kong blog to see how “awesome” dating in a city can be.

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