Ghosting: A Cartoon EVERY Single Girl Will Relate To

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Thanks to our own experience, we knew that ghosting was becoming all-too-common. However, after our recent post, Ghosting: The World’s Shittiest Breakup Method, we were bombarded with comments from people who had been ghosted by someone they were dating. Apparently, some people out there are doing a lot of ghosting.

We didn’t just receive messages from women – we also heard from a few men! There were also a handful of people (mostly ladies) who said that every single relationship they’ve had lately has ended via ghosting. The worst part? These weren’t just relationships that began online. A few were relationships with people they had met through mutual friends!

One comment led us to a blog post written by awesome Chicago cartoonist Rachel Foss titled Ghosting, Or How Has My Teenage Niece Been In A Longer Relationship Than Me? 

Needless to say, we fell in love with Rachel’s post and stalked her until she agreed to let us post the cartoon she created.


ghosting ghosted

ghosting breakup dumped rachel foss ghosting ghosted


I think we can pretty much all agree that ghosting is a shitty way to break up with someone. Men and women: if you don’t have the balls to properly break up with someone, then you shouldn’t be dating. Period.


Many thanks to Rachel Foss for allowing us to share her amazing work with our readers! To learn more about Rachel’s work, check out this interview with Chicago-based blog People With Panache. You may also check out her work on her WordPress blog Things I’ve Seen And Heard,  on Tumblr or say hi to her on Twitter: @RachelTFoss.

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