6 Things Everyone Should Try Doing Alone At Least Once

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As we get older time becomes more limited, not just your own but other people’s time as well.

I currently work two jobs and my schedule doesn’t really align with anyone else’s, so I’ve found myself sitting at home wanting to do something but not really knowing who to call – at very odd times of the night no less. I’ve generally been more of a solitary person but there are just some things that I have been intimidated to do alone.

I realize that doing something by yourself isn’t really a bad thing – sometimes things are just better when you don’t have to take someone else’s feelings into consideration. So I started thinking of the things that scared me and why they scared me, and realized that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them – or me – and that I should just go out and do what I want, when I want, because there are a lot of things you should do alone, and should be able to enjoy.

Ready to take the plunge and become more independent? Here are six things everyone should try doing alone at least once in their lifetime.

1. Take a trip

This is my top item on the things everyone should try doing alone – and it’s still something I have yet to do myself. Pick a date and a place and just go. The #1 reason traveling solo can be awesome? You’ll never get held up by others like you do when traveling in a group. You know, like when you have to wait two hours for one person to get ready when all you wanted to do was lay on the beach and soak up some of that sun. I’ve come to realize that things aren’t going to happen when I’m ready so I may as well start planning something and just go!


things you should do alone


2. Go to a movie

Picking a moving can be difficult, and I have different groups of people that I reach out to depending on the type of movie that I want to see. But when there’s absolutely no one around I’m left to my own devices and then it’s only a matter of picking the time that works out best for me. When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was ditch class and go to the movies. At 11-12 pm there’s no one there so you can sit where ever you want and the popcorn is fresh.


3. Eat a meal

Don’t feel like playing the “I don’t care, where do you want to eat” game? Yeah, me too – so sometimes I just go to my favorite restaurant alone. There was a period of time where I ate the same dish, at the same restaurant, at the same time for two months. It was just easier than waiting for everyone in the office to respond or decide on a place to eat. So I just went to lunch by myself, and I loved it. This also might be just something that’s good for me because I don’t really talk during meals.

things you should do alone


4. Live alone

Everyone keeps telling me that this is super awesome, but I’ve only been doing it for a couple of months. It’s definitely different than living with someone and I’m not at all used to it, but so far it ain’t half bad! Although as much of a solitary person as I am I think I would eventually miss having someone around to talk to. Otherwise I’ll probably be one of those old ladies who talks to her plants or cats. (please don’t let that happen)


5. Spend the day people watching 

Have you spent time alone on a bench or in a park watching people pass you by? If not, then you should. Pick a spot, any spot and just sit there and people watch – it’s kind of amazing what you’ll see! I will admit though, that this is probably more fun when you have a friend – the peanut gallery always has something interesting to say.



6. Go for a long drive

I love driving, long distance anyway. There’s something calming about being on the open road. Like #1, you’ll want to pick a place and just go. I realize that this is a bit difficult now that gas prices are high but even if you don’t go very far, you’ll have gone far enough.

Being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because sometimes we just need that “me time”, so enjoy it!

What are some of your favorite things to do alone? Add them to the list!

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