10 Badass Songs To Kick Off The Weekend

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There are times in a girl’s life where only the right song will do. And in some cases, it’s a song that will invigorate you, spunk you up and make you feel like a badass. Whether you are getting ready for the weekend, getting over “Mr. or Mrs. Right” or just need to remind yourself that you are an awesome piece of awesome that rolls around in awesome. Get turnt up with these anthems. (Caution: Some are not NSFW.)

The “Hell Yeah, It’s Friday!”

5:00 is ten minutes away and you are ready to get your drink on.

The “I’m About To Burn Some Shit”

Figuratively speaking at least. Don’t get all cray.

The “I’m Feeling Like A Diva”

You feel hot. So werk it.

The “I’m So Over You”

I am a Strong. Fucking. Snowflake.

The “You Told Your Boss to F– It”

You didn’t, but you can still pretend.

The “Don’t Let the Door Hit You”

Get. Out. My. Way. Bitches.

The “Now I’m Really About to Burn Some Shit”

It’s about to get all Waiting to Exhale up in here.

The “I’m About the Hit the Club”

And I’m gonna do it like I’m 25 again.

The “I See You Looking At Me, Looking At You”

Just following popular advice of shaking whatcha mama gave ya

The “You Told Your Boss to F– It”

You didn’t, but damn it feels good to pretend.

And the ultimate, perhaps cliché, but still awesome girl anthem from Mrs. Bey.

No matter what your style or mood, make sure you listen to these songs to kick off the weekend on just the right note. And make it a good one, because Monday is just around the corner.

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