64 Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

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While purchasing gifts can be one of the most fun aspects of Christmas, it can also be the most frustrating – particularly if you’re on a strict budget or have been roped into a White Elephant or Secret Santa gift exchange. Whether you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for your boss, best friend or coworker or can’t figure out what to buy a girl you just started dating, it can be hard to choose a Christmas present that is thoughtful, creative and doesn’t look cheap.

We’ve compiled 64 fantastic and affordable Christmas gift ideas for women spanning three price ranges: Under $10, Under $25 and Under $50*. Simply click any item to view or purchase!


1. Gifts for under $10

These Christmas gifts for under $10 are perfect for a Secret Santa / White Elephant gift exchange, for your coworker or neighbor or even to give as a small token of appreciation. 

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2. Gifts for under $25

These Christmas gift ideas under $25 are perfect for gifting to your boss, teacher, a friend, family member, or even someone like your babysitter or hairdresser! 


3. Christmas gifts for under $50

These under $50 Christmas gifts are perfect to gift to a close friend, a new girlfriend / girl you’re dating, your sister or your assistant.  


Birchbox Gift Subscription ($30)
Another fun gift idea under $50 is a 3 month gift subscription to Birchbox! For $30, the recipient will receive three Birchbox beauty boxes over the span of three months. Gift subscriptions for both 6 months ($60) and 12 months ($110) are also available.


birchbox gift subscription


*Note: Prices are subject to change. In other words, don’t hate us if a retailer jacks up the price of any of these items! 

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