5 Steps to Putting Elegance Back into The Elegance of Living

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Do you know what it is to allow yourself the elegance of living?

If inviting elegance into your life would bring you more joy and happiness, would you be interested in knowing more? If inviting elegance into your life would create change for yourself and others, would you be open to receiving it? What is elegance anyway? Elegance is using the least amount of energy to create maximum results. When you function from elegance, you move out of non-stop effort and into the joy and ease of living. A generative and phenomenal life, one that is filled with ease, begins with elegance. Let’s explore how to be inviting to the elegance of living:

Reward Contribution with Elegant Gifts

Do you ask for amazing people to contribute to what you are creating in the world? Have you ever noticed that when you ask for people who desire more for the world to enter your life, they show up? To say thank you, reward them with elegant gifts. Rather than giving money, ask, “What gift would blow their mind and change how they are in the world?” The elegance of your gift will open up new possibilities in their world, far beyond anything money can buy.

Choose What is Light & Expansive

No, not what is expensive. When you listen to the whispers of your knowing, you will create everything you desire and more and with less effort. Remember this, what is true for you will make you feel lighter. What is not a contribution to you will make you feel heavier. Just because something appears to be an easy opportunity, doesn’t mean you should choose it. Does it feel light? Elegance follows what is light. And, just because something is expensive, doesn’t make it elegant either. Expensive is what happens when you don’t listen to your intuition – it costs you!

Be As Beautiful As You Are

Every person I see is way more beautiful than they are willing to know. Would you be willing to be as beautiful as you really are? Or would you like to continue creating yourself as the ugly duckling? Your judgment of you and your body is the only thing stopping your beauty from shining into the world. Without judgment, you can have gratitude – they cannot co-exist.
If you will have gratitude for you in every moment, you will invite the world to more with your beauty (and you’ll probably begin to choose the best of everything for you too!)

Open Up Your Willingness to Receive From Everything & Everyone

When we are unwilling to receive, we cut off joy and creativity. When we are unwilling to receive we shut out our connection with the earth, the beautiful objects and the phenomenal people who would love to enter our lives. What if the entire world is trying to show you how you can have everything you desire? What if everyone and everything is contributing to you? And, what if your willingness to receive all of it invites elegance into your life? Will you listen to the whispers of your knowing? Will you open up and allow yourself to receive?

Replace Consumption with Peace

In this world, consumption has replaced the beauty and peace of living. The elegance of life for me is having a sense of peace that exists at all times.
Giving up the limitations in your life means you no longer live as frantic. It doesn’t mean you don’t get things accomplished. I don’t rush through life. I ooze through life. You can slide through life with doors opening, and everything moving out-of-the-way.

In summary, Elegance…maximum results. Minimal effort. Elegance…a generative and phenomenal life. Elegance… an irresistible invitation to the joy of living…

What could change if you would live in a state of Elegance?

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Gary Douglas is a gentleman who exudes the elegance of living in everything he does. A best-selling author and sought-after international speaker, he inspires people to see different possibilities. He founded Access Consciousness®, a personal development organization offered in 173 countries, helping to facilitate change in people’s lives. Gary is regularly featured in international media and as a thought leader.

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