You Deserve More: 6 Reasons Why You Should End A Relationship

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Karl Marx once said that man is a social animal who needs to forge relationships with other people in order to be happy and satisfied.

Mandatory relationships take on many forms: We are thrown into families without any choice in the matter, while we also have to maintain relationships with our work colleagues. We can’t just tell Clive in Human Resources that “it’s over” because we don’t like his bad habits or the way he stares at us when we’re using the printer. After all, we’re gonna be the one crawling back when we need that important document.

But the relationships we enter by choice are those we have with our significant other. We go on endless dates with people just so that we can find “The One”, and sometimes we fall so head over heels in love with someone that we end up marrying them and having a few kids. While fairytale endings are totally possible, the journey is what is important. And sometimes it is crucial that you know the reasons why you should end a relationship. You deserve more and it’s better than sticking it out simply for the sake of still being with someone.

reasons why you should end a relationship

It is even more important that you know you have a choice to end something. Ending a relationship is hard, and it doesn’t get any easier with age or experience. But sometimes, no matter how dreamy a guy was in the beginning, he just isn’t the best you can have. If you’ve reached a crossroads in your relationship where you can’t decide whether to end things or persist, here are a few reasons why you should end a relationship.

You Can’t Trust Him Anymore

Trust is the number one bedrock of any relationship. When you trust your significant other, you feel comfortable enough to share absolutely everything with him, from your biggest secrets to your most ambitious dreams. Once he loses your trust, however, there is usually no going back. Watch for warning signs such as he’s become overly protective of his phone, or snaps whenever you ask him where’s been. You need respect from him at all times, and if he isn’t giving you that, it’s time to consider moving on because you deserve more than someone to just settle down with.

Is He Proud Of You?

Guys who adore their women will do anything for them, and they’ll also take a lot of pride in showing them off to the world. Maybe once upon a time your man used to show you off to his friends and family, enthusing about your achievements and extolling your best qualities. These days, though, if he merely grunts whenever you suggest having dinner with his family, or rarely invites you to hang with his buddies, you should definitely start to question whether he’s treating you like he really should be.

Don’t waste any more time on a man who can’t be proud of his girl.

Does He Still Make An Effort?

A relationship should be 50/50 in terms of effort, not 90/10 in your favor. If he’s no longer send you sending you sweet and seductive text messages the way he once did the only bonding session he can think of these days is to invite you to team up with him as he plays video games, it’s a surefire sign that he’s no longer worthy of your time. A relationship cannot be sustained if only one of you is making all the effort. You should make plans to do things together. If, however, you feel as though you practically have to beg him to do something with you, it’s a warning sign that he’s lost interest.

No one should have to be made to feel as though they’re making their boyfriend give up all his possessions, freedom and life just because you asked him to compromise for once.

reasons why you should end a relationship

You’ve Got Different Values

I had a friend who once experienced a heart-wrenching breakup. She still loved him and he still loved her, but they had to mutually end things because their values had changed. She had found religion, while he was very much a staunch atheist. As such, they couldn’t agree on anything, from whether they continue being intimate before marriage, to how they should raise any future children. Values define every single decision you make, and if yours don’t match up with his, it might be present a very serious problem in your relationship.

You’re Starting To Feel Needy

Everyone has needs and wants in a relationship – it’s just natural. But because he’s streamlined his needs and wants down to burgers and French fries, it means that you feel really needy and high-maintenance simply for wanting a bit more from this relationship. If you even need to ask for sex these days, only to be met with a frosty “again?” response, it’s not a sign that you’re being unreasonable – it’s a sign that he’s become apathetic.

He’s Lost All His Ambitions

Maybe when you guys first started dating he wanted to travel the world or take it over. Indeed, his ambitious personality was one of the things that attracted you to him. These days, though, he spends most of his time in his slacks eating cheese puffs while watching horror movies during the day with the curtains closed.

reasons why you should end a relationship

If he, or your relationship isn’t the life you expected, then you certainly don’t have to settle for it. It might seem scary to “get back out there” but it is most definitely worth the effort and the chance… or you might never find out what you’re missing.

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