5 Things Any Good Bridesmaid Should Do

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Being a bridesmaid is a duty almost everyone will (hopefully) have to perform at some time in their life. It is expensive, time-consuming and awesome all at the same time. But there are a few things you should know if you accept the mission of standing by your friend on one of the most important days of her life. So I’ve listed out what I think are the top five things that a good bridesmaid should do and why they are important, not just to you, but for the bride-to-be.

1. Smile

It seems like a no-brainer, but nothing is worse than a bride looking back on her pictures and realizing nobody was happy to be there but her. Smile when you walk down the aisle. People are looking at you. Smile when you are standing at the altar. People are looking at you. Smile when you leave the venue. PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT YOU. The camera loves a smile and you are not the grumpy cat. It’s hard being a bridesmaid but you have to (at least pretend to) look happy about doing it.

2. Budget

It is expensive. The dresses, shoes, alterations etc. are not cheap. And you don’t want to be the one bridesmaid that is late to get everything because she spent her last paycheck on a vacation to Cancun and has nothing left for the special day. On top of the dress, there will be showers, gifts, hotels, meals and all types of other fun financial surprises. Plan accordingly.

Good Bridesmaid Should Do

3. Help

I have been the lazy bridesmaid before. Don’t be that girl. Help the maid of honor because they are SWAMPED with details to make sure the bride has the best possible bachelorette party, bridal shower, and an overall wonderful wedding experience. Assist financially, emotionally and creatively. Your ideas may be wanted, so speak up! If you have resources to offer then do so! Teamwork makes the dream.

4. Be punctual

Weddings are stressful. The last thing your bride needs on her big day or at any of her special events is for you to show up fashionably late. You are a bridesMAID. You are there to support, serve and help your bride. You cannot do that if you miss half the party because you overslept. Set three alarms. Add it to your calendar. Make these events a priority!

5. Live it up

Hopefully, this is the only time your bride is going to take the big leap. She will want you to enjoy the experience, and if you aren’t having fun then she won’t! Make her laugh, go with the flow and save your complaints for your dog (or cat). Put all of your own personal drama to the side and focus on your loved one. This is THEIR time and they deserve to have an epic experience. If you have to…fake it until it’s all over.

Being in someone’s wedding is a huge honor. Do not take it for granted. And remember karma is real.

How do you wanted to be treated when it’s your day?
Is there anything else that a good bridesmaid should do to help out in making this day a special one?



Lindsay is currently living in Atlanta, but traveling back and forth to Chicago where her boyfriend lives. She is a book lover, wanderluster, wannabe chef, explorer, runner, impulse shopper and obsessed with all things philanthropic. By day, Lindsay works for a national nonprofit in fundraising and hopes to become an advocate for homelessness, education and womens’ rights. See more by Lindsay on Twitter @Lbriana12 and Instagram!

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