Is Being Vulnerable a Good Thing?

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Vulnerable (adj.): capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.
I consider myself a pretty strong-willed, independent person and in control most of the time. However, recently after a certain situation with a guy, I reacted like I wasn’t myself. Almost embarrassingly. Then I realized – I was just being vulnerable. While it still hurts, allowing myself to feel vulnerable in the end was worth it. Why does putting yourself at risk for being hurt seem like a good idea? Here’s 3 reasons why:


1) I met other people, did things I normally wouldn’t have done, and could finally relate to friends. Sounds silly but stepping outside of my comfort zone I was able to meet people. And not just meet people but ones I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know under normal circumstances. Plus, I experienced things I’d normally turn my head at. All leading to stories that I shared with friends. Friends finally being able to see me as a normal, albeit special, person.


being vulnerable

2) Experiencing pain forces you to reevaluate perceptions. As mentioned I’m pretty set in my ways and while I’m glad that I opened myself up, throwing my preconceived notions aside, it really solidified my stance on certain things – such as the type of men I like and how I go about dating. Whether good or bad, it’s what feels right to me.


being vulnerable

3) People can change.  Yes, people can change, but you can’t change them yourself. He or she has to want to change him/herself. I’m stubborn, I know this. And I have strange idiosyncrasies that after years of being single are very hard to break. But every once in a while, someone comes along that inspires you to make some small changes to better yourself. And for that, thank you.


It takes a strong person or maybe just an adult to admit defeat, learn the lesson, and move on. Being vulnerable can be a good thing in the dating scene. But until then…

Have you been vulnerable while dating or in a relationship? 

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