An NYC Mover Shares Wisdom On Moving Out After A Breakup

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A breakup can seriously disrupt your life – even more so when you’ve been living with your significant other before you both decided to break it off and leave for good. It can be dramatic, with loud fights, broken dishes and hastily packed suitcases, or it can be slow, insidious and completely unexpected. However, moving out after a breakup does not have to be as overly complicated as you may fear. If you stay on your best behavior and use a little bit of common sense, you can be free of your past and have a clear path toward starting a bright, shiny future.

Here are five things NYC mover Lior Rachmany has learned after spending the last 17 years helping people move out after they’ve broken up with their significant other.


1. You should be 100% certain that this is really what you want

After a huge blow-out fight – particularly one where you’ve both said and done things that you’ll surely regret – your first instinct may be to start packing. Before you schedule a moving truck, it’s important to calm down and think about your decision. Is the relationship really over? Are you sure you will not want to stay with your partner after you’ve both had some time to calm down and talk about the problem at hand?

Carefully consider all of your options before committing to breaking up and moving out. Such a big decision should not be made in the heat of the moment, especially when things like scheduling a truck and moving crew can be very costly to cancel at the last minute. Don’t put yourself in that situation; be completely sure that moving out and breaking up is what you need to do, then calmly explain your decision to your partner and make arrangements to remove your things as soon as is convenient for both of you.



2. Don’t pick unnecessary fights

Don’t make a difficult situation even worse for both of you by picking fights over who takes what. Hopefully, you had the foresight to write your name subtly on your most prized possessions, but if you did not, do not start unnecessary fights over random items. Objects can always be replaced later on, but what is most important is to move on with your newly separately lives with as much dignity as you both can muster. If there were items that you both bought for use in your life together, consider if the amount you paid is really worth an argument to get it back. If you can, just let things go. It will really be better for both of you in the long run.

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3. Burn mementos away from the house

If burning the tokens of your previous relationship helps you cope and move on more quickly, make sure you do not burn anything within the home. This is an unnecessary fire hazard that could end up damaging much more than the memory of a bad relationship. Without careful supervision, a fire could destroy your home and cause serious injury to yourself and others. Take the bonfire outside and enjoy the fresh air while you try to process your feelings and move forward from the whole thing.

4. Give each other space

Chances are that you and your former partner will need a few days to make arrangements before you can truly move on and leave your old home behind. This timing may be even longer depending on your financial situation, but you should both make a point not to aggravate the current situation. Give each other space – don’t needlessly antagonize each other. This will only confuse the situation even further and will cause even more problems.



5. Share a moving company

When the day finally comes for you both to go your separate ways, try to be economical with the move. It will be much cheaper for the both of you to use the same moving company and let the same team load up your belongings than to try and schedule two separate companies. Not only will you reduce the amount of people who will be coming in and out of your home, you will be able to save a few dollars that you can use to pamper yourself with as you settle into your new single life and your new space.


Break-ups are undoubtedly rough for both parties, but if you follow a few of our tips, hopefully the next time you’ll be able to pick up and move on with relative ease.



About the Author

Lior Rachmany first arrived in New York in 1998 with hopes and dreams of making it in the music industry. He began working as a mover by day and pursuing his music at night, and eventually decided to build out his own moving company in January 2007. He named the firm Dumbo Moving + Storage, recognizing the rapid growth of the luxury real estate properties in the neighborhood as well as in Williamsburg and other surrounding neighborhoods. Since its founding, the company has become the fastest growing moving company in NYC.



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