5 Ways To Find Your Life Purpose

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How do you define success? Is it earning a big paycheck, holding the “perfect” job title, or owning a house with large square footage? What if you’ve achieved these things, but you’re still unhappy? Is that being successful?

What if true success is defined as finding your life purpose and living it so you experience more joy and easier flow?

Since I’ve changed my definition of success, I’ve changed the way I live. This has been a tricky transition, because it’s counterproductive to what my parents and professors taught. But, learning how to change my mindset and incorporating these lessons has helped me become unstuck from limiting beliefs that were holding me back from living my life with inner peace, deeper meaning and bliss. I bet they can help you live with a stronger sense of well-being too. Here are five ways to find your life purpose and live a happier life.

1. What is your purpose in life?

If you’re uncertain what unique gift is or how to find your life purpose, look to your childhood. What did you love to do that made your heart sing and time fly? Even if you haven’t done that activity in years, the desire is still within you. Those activities that give you pure joy are breadcrumb clues to your life’s purpose. Have a conversation with your future self – what I like to call your “Elder Warrioress”. What would this wise, seasoned version of yourself urge you to do before reaching the last day of your life or else you’ll regret not doing it? The answer is an indicator toward your purpose.

2. Believe your path can be easy

We all have choices in life, and one of those choices involves seeing the world through fear or love. You can view the world through fear, play small, and remain stuck in life circumstances that you’ve outgrown because they are what society expects or they seem predictable and “safe” (but your soul will suffer). Or, you can choose love and believe the Universe will catch you when you take the leap and commit to fulfilling your life’s calling. It may seem easier to remain in a predictable life instead of jumping into the unknown. But if you surrender to your soul’s whispers of who you were born to be and follow that path, your life will be filled with open doors of opportunity, people who will guide you on your journey, and resources that will help you fulfill your destiny. Let your gut feelings serve as your GPS. If your heart is buoyant and happy, you’re on the right path. If you feel you’re trudging through life out of fear, resistance to change, or worry of what others will think, it’s a sign to look deeper into where your life is heading.

3. “Being” is more important than a constant stream of determined “doing”

However, being doesn’t mean giving up and not taking any action. Being means you allow yourself to be in tune with the Universe’s guidance and be open to receiving impulses that lead to inspired actions. You can tap into this alignment through meditation, communing with nature, or simply taking a moment to become still each day. This allows you to connect with your higher self so you can perceive the inspired actions the Universe is urging you to take. Attuning with this flow allows you to achieve impactful results more easily with fewer, yet more effective actions, rather than numerous hit-or- miss actions. Getting your nose off the grindstone and listening to your higher self leads to more joy and less struggle along your journey.


4. Your thoughts become your reality, so choose them wisely

One of the lessons of the Law of Attraction is: what you think about becomes your reality. If you feel jealousy because of someone else’s success, or worry that you’ll never create a life around doing what you love, you’re in the lack zone. Thinking these thoughts will restrict you from manifesting your dreams. However, if you tune your feelings to joy and gratitude even before your dreams become reality, the Universe will move you closer to reaching your goals. The trick is to feel contentment for where you are in life now while expecting that more good things are on the way.

5. Ditch the idea of failure

What if you adopted the idea that failure doesn’t exist? Instead, believe that each perceived roadblock on your journey to fulfilling your life purpose is really a silver lining meant to move you into a better direction, teach you a lesson to strengthen you for the next level, or save you from a disaster you couldn’t foresee. So the next time you think you’ve failed and want to give up pursuing your calling, ask what the silver-lining lesson is in an obstacle. This mindset will help you move forward in a productive manner, which will bring you greater bliss along the journey to manifesting your dreams. The choice is yours. Will you remain stuck on the “success equals outside validation” hamster wheel? Or, will you choose to live your purpose and experience more joy ?



Vicki Todd is a memoir artist, Ed.D., and life purpose guide. She is the author of a visual memoir, Unstuck: One Heroine’s Journey of Art and the Courage to Live on Purpose. Todd is an inspirational speaker and spreads the message that living your life’s Purpose leads to a more joyous and fulfilling life. You may view Todd’s artwork on her website, http://vickiworldart.com. Contact her at [email protected] to inquire about speaking engagements.

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