Thoughts I Have While Riding The CTA Red Line

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Every morning and every evening, I ride the Red Line to and from work. This is both boring and entertaining at the same time. I do find myself having random thoughts while riding the CTA Red Line – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

For your entertainment, I have documented my thoughts while riding the CTA Red Line. (Because seriously, you know you relate.)

Monday morning, 8:12 am

Awesome. I just walked 2 blocks to the Addison stop and the train just left.
Seriously, I hope no one stands next to me.
Oh, I have on a skirt today… must protect from gust of wind.
Great, the train is here! I hope I get on a car with hotties.
Um, where are the hotties?
Wait, I’m in Wrigleyville. Silly Laura.
Oh, he looks cute from afar!
Damn, he’s wearing a ring.
Is this guy looking at me?
Do I have mascara on my face?
Ooooh, LOVE that woman’s shoes.
What is happening with that lady’s hair?
Excuse me, sir, why bother wearing earbuds WHEN I CAN HEAR YOUR MUSIC.
Dude… I’m sitting here. STOP leaning.
Fullerton — maybe an attractive man will get on.
YES! Hot guy spotted.
Hot guy doesn’t have ring.
Hot guy dresses nice! Look. at. those. shoes.
I hope he gets off at my stop.
Ugh, he doesn’t notice me.
That’s ok, because my outfit today is only a B+.
Is that a baby crying? Why do I get on a car with a baby crying?
I wish I had a cup of coffee right now.
What is that girl reading? It looks interesting.
Let me check my Twitter feed.
Belmont. I better grab that seat while it’s available.
Oh hey, people using a gazillion emoticons.
I should tweet that I have a date tonight.
Ok, bored with Twitter. Instagram time.
Should I comment on this pic?
I forgot to email my mom.
Email mom.
Too. Much. Cologne.
Ugh, lost 4G signal.
Do some of these people not look in the mirror before leaving for the day?
Crap. I must remember to send that work email.
And drop off dry cleaning.
I’m smashing this banana in my purse.
That guy is definitely staring at me.
Look away, look away. Look at…
Is that girl putting on makeup?
Good, people are filtering off the train.
Am I there yet?
Hot guy is still on train.
Backpacks should be reserved for special train cars.
Hot guy remains on train while I exit.
Stay to the left, stay to the left on the escalator.
Anddddd walk to work.

Thank you Red Line for your endless offerings of strange, fun, interesting people watching. Catch ya after work for round two of thoughts while commuting!

Phew…no more Cubs games. Wait, THAT guy looks cute…

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