Pucker Up! 6 Crazy Facts About Kissing

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I can see why people embrace in lip-to-lip action at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve — a night of libations, the pyrotechnic night sky, the passionate countdown, the blank slate of a new start ahead of them. It’s quite romantic and endorphin inducing. Everyone loves everyone – and that song doesn’t hurt either. Face it, you’re getting all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

The tradition of locking lips at the end of the year dates back further than Times Square. In fact, the Romans were doing it way before Dick Clark was a twinkle in his mother’s eye. According to KissingMatter.com, “the Ancient Romans would throw a big party every New Year’s Eve called the Festival of Saturnalia where they would kiss and generally debauch one another as much as possible.”

Debauch? Those naughty, naughty Romans. The English and Germans welcomed the new year wearing masks which represented evil; the kiss, ironically, purity. Years later, we’re still continuing the tradition when the clock strikes midnight.

nye kiss facts about kissing

I have a confession to make: outside of running around throwing champagne laced pecks on a kitchen staff of a local joint many years ago, I’ve never officially done the grand ‘ole New Year’s Eve lip lock. You know, the one that sets off its own fireworks. Shocker, I know. When it does happen, ComEd better watch out.

And I can attest to the fact that nothing’s more annoying than being the third wheel in the middle of a kissing orgy (what am I supposed to do here??) With single Americans now compromising more than half of the U.S. population, there’s going to be a lot of awkward singletons standing around at midnight.

This year, if you don’t have someone to lock lips with, maybe these six crazy facts about kissing will suffice:

1. The majority of people tilt their heads to the right when they kiss.

2. Kissing someone sends more oxygen to your brain.

3. When you are kissing, you are activating your orbicularis oris muscles.

4. The nose kiss is also called an “Eskimo Kiss.”

5. The way a person kisses may reflect whether he or she was breastfed or bottle fed.

6. Forget the G-spot – it’s possible for a women to reach orgasm through a kiss.


Don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight? Don’t worry – there’s always vodka, wine and puppy gifs.



P.S. Ever wonder why we sing Auld Lang Syne? So did we! Check out these 7 facts about NYE. 

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