Editors’ Favorites: Super Bowl Commercials

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We all know the Super Bowl game is the football game to watch of the year.

Or if you are like us, a time for food (and drinks) and watching the jaw-dropping, inspiring and/or funny commercials. There have been many outstanding Super Bowl commercials and it’s really come to a point in America where not only landing the second spot, but also making the commercial memorable, is a game in and of itself.

Super Bowl commercials really became a nation-wide phenomenon around the 70’s and then steadily increased in popularity (and notable significance for companies doing the advertising). Throughout the years, Super Bowl commercials have come and gone but there are always a few that linger beyond those initial 30 seconds.

With NFL Super Bowl XLIX just around the corner, we (the editors of DU) reveal our top eight all-time favorite Super Bowl Commercials.



Budweiser – Puppy Love – 2014

Who can resist puppies and a rustic gentleman (Don Jeanes) sporting a Canadian tuxedo like no one else can!  This super bowl commercial tugged at the heartstrings of nearly all viewers. With over 55,314,449 views (as of 1/27/2015), it has become one of the most-watched Super Bowl commercials ever.



Budweiser – Brotherhood – 2013

The ad that started it all. In 2013, Budweiser showcased Brotherhood – the story of a rancher (Don Jeanes) raising a foal to become the next Clydesdale. It should be no surprise that America voted this the #1 ‘new school’ commercial.


Pepsi – Cindy Crawford – 1992

Sometimes it’s not always the new, flashy commercials that resonate.  Taking it old school to 1992, supermodel Cindy Crawford in a Pepsi Super Bowl commercial still stands the test of time.


Snickers – Betty White – 2010

From Cindy to Betty White (you’re welcome, Laura) all it took was a candy bar, a football game, and Betty White to make for a funny and memorable Super Bowl commercial.


Volkswagen – The Force – 2011

Generally car commercials are anything but memorable but Volkswagen set the bar high with this hit from the 2011 Super Bowl featuring a kid dressed up as Darth Vader practicing his “force” on items around the house, unsuccessfully.  Until his last attempt to start the Passat (thanks to help from his dad and remote starter).



Old Spice – Your Man Could Smell Like This – 2010

What better way to grab the attention of the female viewers than with a shirtless attractive man. Thank you Isaiah Mustafa and all of your wonderful Old Spice gloriousness.


Apple Computers – Introducing Macintosh Computers – 1984

What may very well be one of (if not) THE most iconic Super Bowl Commercial goes all the way back to 1984 and Apple Computer’s ‘Macintosh’ commercial. (Ironic that what may have set off the glory of great commercials, which we can all relive via YouTube, was released more than 20 years before the actual launch of YouTube.)


Doritos – Pug Attack – 2011

Clearly, companies need to realize that if you put any cute animal in a Super Bowl commercial it’s sure to please.  Case in point, this Doritos ad featuring an adorable pug. (I am a cat person and still loved this).


We can only imagine the good, the bad and the ugly commercials in this year’s game!

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl commercial from years past? Share them with us!

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