Got milk? Offers More Than Just Milk

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Remember the famed Got Milk? campaign that brought milk mustaches back into pop culture?  Well, they are back and even better than ever with more products.

Yes a tall glass of cold milk is refreshing but with their new line of flavor products, you can kick it up a notch. These all natural, preservative free (and sans artificial colors and flavors) products take plain old milk to new extremes.

Flavored Milk Straws
Got milk? straws

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Drinking anything from a straw makes any drink that much more fun and these flavored milk straws do just that. From chocolate, to cookies and cream to birthday cake, orange cream, and banana… you can satisfy your taste buds any day of the week. While these are kid-friendly, adults can enjoy too (because who doesn’t love reminiscing about beloved childhood days??!)

Milk Mix Ins
Got milk? mix

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If straws aren’t your thing (and if not, we should talk) then these milk mix-ins are just the thing. Convenient single-serve powder packets transform regular milk into a creamy dreamy flavorful transportable treat. Chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, and orange cream – you’ll be drinking 4 glasses of milk a day!

Flavor Boost
Got milk? boost

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Squeeze some fun into your glass of milk with these convenient flavor-enhancers. Just squeeze some flavor, such as maple brown sugar, cinnamon, or cotton candy to elevate your milk to the next level. Good for you and flavorful. Yes, please.

Caffeinated Infusers
Got milk? caffeine

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If you can’t get through the day without a burst of caffeine then these coffee-house inspired squeezeable flavors are a must have for your work day. Iced vanilla latte, iced caramel macchiato, iced mocha, or iced chai spiced latte – transport yourself to a quaint coffee shop all without leaving your desk.

**You can pick up any of the items at your local Wal-Mart or Target stores starting end of July. Prices typically range form $1.99 for straws and powders up to $4.99 for caffeinated infusers.

Got snacks?

If you aren’t already out buying gallons of milk to try the above products, then just wait. Got milk? is introducing snacks that perfectly compliment milk! With a variety of cookies, wafers, snack bars, and cereals – there is some crunchy goodness sure to satisfy. Plus, the products (which include some gluten-free and vegan options) are made with healthy ingredients such as omega-3s, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and quinoa.
Not to make you even more hungry but the packaging… adorable, right?!

Got milk? snacks

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Products are being introduced into mass market retailers – so be sure to heck your local store!

Have you tried any of the milk flavor enhancers or snacks?

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