6 Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Trip Stress-Free

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We all love going on vacation. Unfortunately, not everyone loves packing and doing the actual traveling part to go on said vacation.  From packing, to airports, to airplanes, to accommodations there always seems to be the one thing that could be a bit easier. Rest assured that your next trip will be one to remember. All with a little help…

6 Travel Hacks To Use On Your Next Trip

1. Keep things clean

Nearly every hotel or accommodation has white (or light colored) towels.  Ladies, we all know the struggle of removing makeup. Mascara does not belong on clean towels.  A few years ago, I bought a brown washcloth on clearance (it’s been a while but believe it was probably around $.99 from Marshalls or TJ Maxx) and let me tell you, it is one of the best purchases!  I use that instead of the nice, pure, clean washcloths/hand towels at the hotels and I’m pretty sure the housekeeping appreciates the mascara/lipstick/foundation-free towels and my conscience is at ease.

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2. Color coordination is key

Over the past years, I’ve discovered that packing by ‘color-scheme’ makes packing that much easier.  For example, when I go on my long-haul flights to Europe where I’ll be spending more than a few days, I pack all black, white, and grey items.  I’m talking a cami, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, and sweater (if needed) in each of the colors. Add in a few pairs of jeans, black leggings, grey stretchy pants and boom – mix and match for days! Throw in a scarf in one of the colors, jewelry, a large purse and small handbag. Easy.

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I also have purchased (and therefore accumulated) a lot of teal items that are business-friendly so that when I travel for work, I know exactly what to pack every single time. From airplane clothes to daytime business to night time relaxing to pjs, it all works together. Added bonus: I don’t have to take as many accessories!


3. Two suitcases are better than one

Following up on the above, for those long trips (i.e. European adventures) or a trip where a lot of shopping will be happening, I put a carry-on size suitcase inside of the large suitcase that I will be checking. You may think it takes up a lot of room, and yes, it does take up some room – but you’d be surprise and what you can still fit.  And, if you’re using travel hack #2, you won’t have as many clothes to pack. I did this for one of my trips to Europe. Genius.  After all of the shopping, I had enough items to fill the small suitcase.  Fun fact – it is cheaper to check a 2nd bag than to pay for an overweight bag.* You. Are. Welcome.

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4. Smell like roses

Ever notice a slight odor in your bags or suitcases?  Keep them stinky-free with those perfume/cologne page samples from magazines. Open up and plop it in before you pack and viola! No smelly clothes. Bonus tip – pull multiple ‘pages’ of the same scent and put one in each shoe. Note: these don’t last a long time so I’d recommend a new one for each packing adventure.

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5. Reach out and don’t touch someone

If you’re bringing a carry on bag, be sure to put the bag on the OPPOSITE side of where you are sitting (i.e. if you are on the right side of the plane, put the bag on the left side). It’s easier to just get out of the seat and reach across the aisle than to get out of the seat, awkwardly turn around, reach up, extract bag, and try not to hit anyone.

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6. Do the electric slide

When staying at a hotel, there’s always that issue that you never seem to remember until you are there: the socket situation. You know, the one where you find yourself with a blow-dryer, laptop, hair straightener and cell phone to plug in, and boom – you discover there’s only one our two electrical outlets in the room. Don’t fret, just pick up one of those 3 outlet adapter extension piece and you’ll never have to worry again. Bonus! If you take it in your purse or carry-on and find an outlet to plug it in – people who have to charge their phone will love you forever. Hey, a lil’ good karma never hurt anybody!

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* American Airlines rates for checked baggage range from $25-$100 where as overweight/oversize bags (over 5o pounds) have a $100 charge. Please verify with your airlines.

Do you have any packing tips or travel hacks to share?  Tell us in the comments below!

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