5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

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You knew Father’s Day was coming up. It’s been on your calendar for months.

This year was going to be different. You swore you wouldn’t get a tie, but now Father’s Day is a couple of days away and you still haven’t figured it out. But what do you get the man who has everything/doesn’t need anything/will actually use the thing you bought him?

Don’t stress, check out these last-minute Father’s Day gifts.


Father's day gifts

Dollar Shave Club

It’s like Ipsy or Birchbox but for a guy (or a girl, we have legs and armpits that need shaving, too). The membership-style razor club sends out a new blade of your selection every month for a minimal cost to replace. There are no fees, no commitment and you can cancel anytime. The Executive box goes for $9.00 a month and shaving creams can be added for a couple of bucks extra.

Father's day gifts

Beer Making Kits

If your dad’s a beer drinker or likes chemistry, a beer kit will be up his alley. The starter kit from Northern Brewer Home Supply includes all he needs to make his own ale or porter excluding a 2-gallon kettle and beer bottles.


Father's day gifts Bonobos

Bonobo Wrinkle-Free Shirts

I’ve never met a man who likes to iron, and most would rather pay a dry cleaner than do that sort of domestic work. If your dad constantly needs to call on a freshly pressed shirt for his day, Bonobo’s offer a wide line of wrinkle-free, stylish clothing. (Bonus points — leave him a hand written note in the pocket to make his day, but just makes sure he doesn’t wash it beforehand.)


Father's day gifts tasters club

Whiskey Tasting from Taster’s Club

Your favorite hero likes his brown and has been a loyal Jameson/Glenlivet/Johnny Walker fan since his first shot. But there’s a world of whiskeys out there that he’ll love tasting with the monthly bottle-to-door delivery of whiskey, gin or tequila from Taster’s Club. Choose a membership starting at about $60/month or gift him a guest membership.

Give Him You

No bottle of whiskey, members card, or expensive gadget will compare to your smiling face. Smile Box offers an easy way to create a digital photo book or a collage that can remind dad of exactly why you are his favorite. Someone pass the tissue…


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